Kaya has an unusual face, which makes her so special, and for this reason she is still at the shelter

Everyone looks at the cat’s appearance, without paying attention to her character.

Kaya is a cute catty with an unusual face, because of which she suffered a lot, and her touching story will make you speechless.

The cutie has a facial problem just since her birth, which disturbs her to be adopted. No one wants to take care about such “a strange cat”, but actually she is so pretty.

Although Kaya differs from others with her unique appearance, she is very kind and sociable and makes everyone around her happy.

When the head of the shelter first saw the baby’s photo on social media in an awful condition, he hurried to help her and brought her to the shelter. Later it turned out that despite her facial problems, the catty is very friendly and funny.

Kaya befriends with almost everyone around her, no matter it’s a cat, dog or a human. She likes to play and have fun with others.

She has lived in many foster families, and has already become their lovely friend. Everyone loves her and there is no doubt she will find her caring owner she deserves.

Now the cutie doesn’t need anything besides being adopted. She wants to be loved and caressed.

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