A daughter wants newborn photoshoot for her homeless kitten, mother completed

A cute newborn photos of a cat, that has recently disappeared 

The cat has already had maternity and post-partum photo shoots, so it was only a matter of time for cats. So here’s the sweetest newborn photo shoot inspired form a homeless cat’s photo shoots.

His owner a professional photographer Cassie Borcherding from Missouri captured the kitten named Elsa, when her daughter told her to make a newborn photo shoot.

The result turned out extremely sweet! “At first it was hard, but as I wrapped her she started to purr all the time”. But unfortunately, the photos are now bitter for them.

They took Elsa from the streets, making sure she didn’t have an owner. But unfortunately the kitten disappeared. But as it was a stray from the beginning they hope she will get the way back home. “We hope she is well and is fed somewhere. And we hope she finds her way back to our home.”

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