This woman’s life was rescued by a heroic dog, a dog she had never been amiable to 

Neighbors greeted him with gifts as well as cheers.

It’s improbable that some people are scared of Simba just because of his breed.

The latter lives in a flat together with his master Arjanit.

Despite the fact that the dog always approaches his neighbors in an amicable manner, the majority of them stay away from him.

There was an old neighbor who appeared highly impassive to Simba, an old lady who lived downstairs.

The dog always tried to greet her, but the woman looked at him timidly as well as would not let him near. Arjanit said to the Dodo. “She never liked him because he was a ‘poor’ breed.”

Once, Arjanit together with Simba returned home from a walk as they climbed the stairs past a neighbor’s flat. It was at this point that Simba began acting oddly.

“He paused,” said Arjanit. “He started barking as well as ran to the door where the neighbor lives. I pulled on the rein, but he rejected to go.”

Simba didn’t want to leave, so Arjanit took him. It was then that he heard a slight voice coming from within.

“I heard a slight voice calling for assistance,” remembers Arjanit. “She said. “Please don’t go!”

Luckily the door was not closed and Arjanit was able to enter and detected his neighbor lying on the bottom.

“She broke her hip and was at home for a while,” Arjanit said.

For two long days, she was not able to move.

He contacted an ambulance as well as waited with a neighbor until the doctors’ arrival.

Her life was rescued by a heroic dog, a dog she had never been amiable to.

“She said. ‘Thank you for listening to me.’ At first, I thought she was talking to me,” Arjanit exclaimed. “But then she said, ‘No, not you, beautiful dog!’

The others in the building understood that Simba was a brave dog and greeted him with gifts as well as cheers.

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