An unknown hero rescued a bunny from the wildfire and than disappeared

A really courageous man, who saved a bunny from the flames 

The Ventura County suffers from a serious wildfire, which has already forced 200000 people to leave their homes, the brave man went into the flames to rescue a local resident-a bunny.

Happily the photographer was at that place and was able to capture the amazing rescue moments. The adorable video became popular on the Internet giving hope to all Californians.

After noticing a scared animal an unknown man immediately went to the rescue. He wasn’t wearing a cape, just a pair of shorts with a hoodie. The man went into the flames and after a few moments the bunny was already saved.

The man didn’t want to give an interview and wanted to be unknown. Although he’s anonymous he already has been listed into people’s hero list on social media, proving people’s faith in humanity.

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