An amazing friendship between raccoons and a man, who has been feeding them for 25 years

The last wish of man’s wife, who begged her to take car of her raccoons

A man named James Blackwood lives in Canada, in the Province of Nova Scotia. He had a nickname as “Raccoon Whisperer”.

The man adores raccoons and has been taking care of them for 25 years.

He becomes well known on Facebook, when he shared a video where he feeds some raccoons. Here’s the video.

There’s a description of the video: “It was snowing hard and the raccoons were really hungry and knew they had to stock up for the winter.”

But he told, that it was his wife’s idea.

“This was my wife’s idea, when she passed away in 2003 because of cancer, she begged me to look after her raccoons, cats and her mother.” told the description of one of his videos.

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