Rescuers received a call about a mother dog and her puppy, but in fact, this case was more heartbreaking
One buried, the second saved! After getting a call about a helpless dog and

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The two buddies managed to get out of the locked room with each other’s help
The sweetest display of brotherhood! This video proves the fact that dogs are the

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The kitty with an odd appearance due to the genetic problem
An unusual case showing all the animals have the same stage of thankfulness  A

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This mysterious cat led the crowd to the right direction and saved a life
Rescuers trusted the cat and succeeded Animals have kind heart and they answer to

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The blind boy claims that his dog’s arrival has turned his life upside down
Having such a loving pet is a great achievement! Riley Yeomans is a student,

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A bear, who had become a local celebrity giving birth at an advanced age
There are always exceptions in any species and kinds This bear is already 25

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A friendly cougar, who lives in an apartment and adores her family
A couple adopted a wild cat and enjoyed training her  This story is about

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A bar owner has come up with a great idea to provide a safe place for stray dogs at night
Daytime for clients, nighttime for dogs! There are many stray animals in our world

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People confuse this amazing dog with a sheep, and it is not surprising
This little poodle makes impression of a sheep This doggie became popular via internet

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Sweet lynxes were raised among dogs and picked up their characteristics
Very friendly wild cats, that were perfectly trained  A girl named Anastasia rescued two

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The dog’s appearance corresponds to the abandoned places that the owner chooses to get amazing pictures
The woman made her pet a real photo model Alice van Kempen is a

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The cat wears sunglasses as a necessity not knowing that his cool look attracts the whole world
The cat with sunglasses is an internet sensation Bagel is a famous catty who

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