Franci: A Heroine on Wheels, Saving Lives and Changing Minds for Bali’s Homeless Dogs

It’s a blessing to be friends with Bali dogs 🥹🤗

This woman named Franci has a very important mission.

She has lived on the paradise island of Bali for the past fifteen years. And besides enjoying and relaxing at the beach she considered dedicating her life to an important mission. She considered to care and rescuing dogs.

She was able to rescue approximately 2000 dogs living in Bali. Franci didn’t have a car, staff or regular contributions, she is simply using a scooter. She went to feed the dogs, that rely on her for survival.

But most importantly Franci is educating people and trying to change their minds about local dogs. And she has demonstrated a lot of stories with happy endings, which homeless dogs have undergone.

She lives her life day by day, just in the moment and she dedicates her life to rescuing and providing homeless dog with homes.

She takes them to the vet to be treated and sterilized before being adopted.

Here’s the woman’s words about her great job.

«The Bali dog has been a true motivation for me, as I admire how they are able to forgive and to forget. They are brave, but also very shy. And if you help them they are forever grateful. It’s a blessing to be friends with a Bali dog.»

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