She says «No!» to aging: The spicy photo of 65-year-old Stone became the subject of discussions

Not being afraid of criticism, 65-year-old Stone shows her half-naked body 😍

The star of «Basic Instinct» has lately stunned her followers with her new spicy photo in a bikini. There are, of course, some stereotypes of beauty and it is considered unacceptable when elderly women show off their half-naked body.

The act of the 65-year-old movie star became the subject of discussions and let no single one remain indifferent.

Many rushed to describe their delight and admiration in the comments section. However, there were two groups of people: those who sincerely admired her, and those who rushed to harshly criticize her.

However, one thing is undeniable: her appearance became the subject of discussions.

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