«Her mother’s genes did their job!»: The way Beyonce’s child looks like her mother deserves special attention

The resemblance between Beyonce and her daughter left the fans speechless 😲🥰

After her five-year career break, Beyonce has just recently gone on her new tour called Renaissance. Her brilliant performance, incredible talent and professionalism let no one there remain indifferent. She sang 59 songs showcasing eight outfits.

The gorgeous outfits she performed in were from Mugler, Courreges and Alexander McQueen.

Beyonce was supported by her husband Jay-Z and their heiress. In the recent video from Twitter it is clearly shown that her heiress looked incredibly like her mother.

There was also their manager who controlled checking whether everything was okay.

She was in loose pants and a Black & White shirt. Her braided hair and earrings made her look stylish and more like her famous parent. Many were quick to claim that her resemblance to her mother was incredible. Yet, she looks like her father too.

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