Bonnie Wright took to her Instagram page to share the joyous news with her followers  

Her fans were delighted with the latest news 🥰🥹

32-year-old Bonnie Wright, who became famous especially after her role in «Harry Potter», came up with great news. She shared it on her Instagram account, making her fans excited.

The actress announced her pregnancy and shared a very cute photo with her husband Andrew Lococo, where her rounded belly is immediately spotted.

Judging from their photo, the couple is enjoying this condition and is waiting for the arrival of their first child with great happiness.

The star expressed her emotions and feelings, writing that they cannot wait to see their little wonder and enjoy the joy of parenthood. They are sure they will be great parents and will devote their whole life to their little one.

Fans were excited by their news and are impatiently waiting for the arrival of their baby. They want to see how the couple enjoys their parenthood.

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