An incredible breed! Icelandic horses, the oldest horse sort in the world  

They are powerful and the mightiest sort in the world.

At over 12,000 years old, Icelandic horses are one of the oldest as well as purest horse breeds still existing in the world.

They were brought to Iceland by the Vikings in the 8th century, which is why they are also known as Viking horses.

These horses are 12 to 14 palms high (4 to 5 feet) tall and with a weight of 600-900 pounds. They may not be very large, but don’t call them ponies. They are powerful and the mightiest breed in the world. Regardless of their vigorous temperament as well as a strong personality, they are very amiable, easy to handle, and love people.

A Swedish photographer named Lina Kronholm has spent the previous few years traveling around Iceland photographing the Icelandic horse. Scroll down to watch these shots of this incredible breed.

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