The cute cat creeps from home every morning to meet her neighbour

A sweet cat, that makes her neighbour’s life more interesting 

A cat named Squishy lived in a neighbourhood with Liana Peklivanas for almost 17 years, but these two only became best friends during the time of lockdown.

The old cat decided to make Peklivanas’ house her second home and she seemed to like her decision.

Liana told: “She usually came, but never remained. And only during the hard time of lockdown in Spain she began to visit me every day.”

Squishy lives with five other cats. And when the lockdown started her life became a little complicated with such a lot of siblings.

So Squishy goes to Peklicanas’ house every morning and meows until she is let inside.


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Squishy stays until her owner takes her every night, but she continues to return any tome she wants.

“She liked being here and she runs from her father every day. And it is funny for the owner, that she comes here to calm down from other cats. She is an elderly lady now.

Squishy feels like a queen in Peklivanas’ house, as she is groomed, looked after and fed with special goodies. There are also many room to visit without being bothered.

Squishy was worried, when the lockdown limitation were over and Peklivana returned to work. Now she follows her to the car and jumps to her when the door is open not to let her go.

Squishy is always happy to welcome Peklivanas from work. “She always waits for us to come home. She doesn’t live here, but she feels so.”

Squishy has made Peklivanas’ time of lockdown very interesting and amusing and inversely.

“She has such a cute and lovable personality. No other cat has ever had the same impact on me as she has. Her relationship is pure.”

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