«Why he looks so untidy!» Mickey Rourke was recently caught on the street in a surprising outfit

Fans are upset with the star’s appearance 😱😳

Many remember Mickey Rourke’s great talent from the movies «Rumble Fish» or «Nine and a Half Weeks». Although he was not very attractive, he had a great audience, who loved and respected him for his artistry and charisma.

However, as he grew up, his appearance changed, which really disappointed him. So, in 2000, he had his first plastic surgery, which changed his appearance. It didn’t go down well with the fans, but he continued to be the favorite of many.

Now, 70-year-old Mickey Rourke looks completely different. He was spotted on the street by the paparazzi. Fans were truly disappointed with his transformed appearance.

Unknown spots on his clothes caused discussions among fans. He looks older than his real age. Were they dirty or is it a new style?

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