«Was found unconscious!»: The news of the «Pirates of the Caribbean» star’s hospitalization saddened the fans

The actor was urgently hospitalized after being found unconscious in the hotel 😳🤔

The iconic star of the legendary film has been hospitalized after passing out in the hotel. He had to cancel his performance in Budapest because of his health issues.

Many hold the opinion that this happened because of his addiction. In addition to this, he had to cancel his show in Slovakia as well. At that time, he felt extremely bad and was unable to perform.

It is worth mentioning that thanking the brand Christian Dior Parfums for their unwavering support he sold his portrait getting rid of the last memory about his ex-wife.

One of his latest film roles was the character Louis XV in «Jeanne Dubarry». He doesn’t cease to thank and express his gratitude to the fans and supporters.

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