«Poses in a leather corset and a high ponytail for Vogue!»: Cruz appeared on the cover of Vogue in a stunning image

Cruz flaunted her half-naked body in a leather corset and bicycle shorts for Vogue 😍

The most recent photoshoot of this iconic Spanish actress let no single one remain indifferent. She is best remembered for her legendary role in «Woman on Top». Cruz is believed to be one of the most successful and desirable actresses.

Her gorgeous look and a high ponytail perfectly suited her giving her even more charm and a sense of provocation. A whole group of stylists worked on her image and they, definitely, succeeded.

The outstanding actress’s talked-about outfit consisted of a leather corset and bike shorts. Her vibrant makeup and elegant high-heeled shoes perfectly complemented her look.

The final touch became her interesting flower-shaped necklace. The film star wore a scarlet manicure that wasn’t unnoticed as well. Her image immediately caused a stir drawing everyone’s attention.

The fans of the actress claimed that even in bicycle shorts she looked stunning and her elegance knew no bounds. She was highly praised for her enthusiasm, modeling skills and charisma.

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