«What is it like to be a goddess?»: The fans are pleasantly surprised with the stunning appearance of Schiffer in swimwear

All eyes are on the stunning bikini body of Schiffer, one of the iconic 1990s models 😍

It is worth mentioning that C. Schiffer is one of the former iconic supermodels who rose to fame in the 1990s and worked with the best-known couturiers and fashion houses. She has long been the muse of many distinguished and legendary designers

Millions sincerely admired her angelically beautiful face and female energy. The supermodel is now married and has three kids. Though her appearance has changed greatly, she still remains the same one of the most in-demand celebrities.

Looking at her stunning body now, it becomes quite hard to believe that the woman is already in her 50s. Her flawless figure and beautiful face still charm absolutely everyone.

As one may see in these vacation photos, she still maintains her perfect body proudly demonstrating her curves. No one could find words to express their delight towards their idol.

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