«The era of iconic stars is over!»: This is how the legendary actors and actresses from the 1980-90s have changed

Believe it or not, our favorite celebrities from the 1980s are already in their 60s 🤔🥹

However surprising it might seem, the world-renowned and successful movie stars we admired in the 1980-190s have already turned 60. Time is fleeting, isn’t it?

Here are the before-and-after photos of the best-known and legendary stars from the movie we watched when we were just kids. Our idols have noticeably aged, yet maintained their charm and charisma.

J. Carrey

M. Broderick

A Vosloo

T. Cruise

W. Snipes

M. Yeoh

S. Carell

B. Odenkirk

D. Moore

J. Foster

R. Fiennes

D. Fincher

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