«What is it like to be a divine beauty?»: The photos of Rihanna from her first pregnancy deserve special attention

Entirely naked, Rihanna took part in an attractive photo shoot showing her pregnant belly 🧐🥰

Now that the iconic singer is expecting her second baby, she delights her fans with the photos taken in 2022 when she was still pregnant with her first one. The photoshoot by the ocean and palm trees quickly became the subject of heated discussions.

«Here’s a little secret that I can call Rub Your Boobs. He has no idea how wild his mother can be».

The followers couldn’t find words to describe how divine, unearthly beautiful and feminine she looked then. Many even called her a goddess whose power and charm were able to captivate everyone.

For those who don’t know, the name of their first heir is RZA who was born last year.

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