«Forbes’ most in-demand model in a bikini!»: Fashion icon and model Kendall Jenner has been caught in swimwear

This is what Jenner looks like in a bikini without retouching: Photos from vacation 😲🤔

Kendall Jenner is undeniably one of the most influential, successful and legendary ones from her famous family. She has become an iconic supermodel outperforming even such runway stars as Shayk and Hadid sisters.

It is needless to say that her slender and attractive body has always been the subject of discussions. Many admire Kendall considering her one of the most in-demand celebrities of today. It is known that her daily workout takes her only 11 minutes.

She also follows a healthy diet and regularly attends a gym.

Her recent photos from vacation in a tiny bikini let no single one remain indifferent. She was being filmed by the paparazzi while enjoying her time with her boyfriend D. Booker.

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