«Fashion has a tendency to come back!»: The delicate dress with a floral print worn by Bradshaw is back in trend

The iconic 2000s flowing dress worn by Carrie Bradshaw is again in fashion 🥹🤗

As is known, fashion has an interesting tendency to come back. Such «vintage» dresses and elements of wardrobe as ugg boots, corset tops and velour sneakers are no longer considered old-fashioned.

One of the iconic dresses of the 2000s worn by world-renowned actress S. Jessica Parker who played the role of C. Bradshaw is again considered fashionable. In today’s reality, it obtains even more elegance and sophistication.

Believe it or not, the delicate dress with a floral print has become one of the dresses of the 2023 spring-summer collection.

What is more, the brands like Victoria Beckham, KNWL and so many others from the 2000s especially in dusty pink and lilac colors are again trendy.

Such dresses are usually worn with no accessories so as not to «overload» the image. No one will deny that they make women look sophisticated and a lot more feminine.

Leather jackets and loose blazers are very often combined with such flowing dresses.


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