Hector from «Home Alone» is unrecognizable!: The way actor Curry has changed came as a big surprise 

Many were not ready to see what Hector looks like years after the film release 🥺😢

Perhaps, everyone is familiar with Hector from the popular movie «Home Alone». This role brought him overall fame and recognition. However, the way he has changed over the years quickly became the subject of discussions.

The reason why he stopped acting in films was the stroke he had. Believe it or not, the successful actor is already 77 and no longer appears on the big screen.

Some even find it difficult to recognize him in recent photos. Despite his changed appearance, many still remember him as a charismatic and incredibly talented actor.

«How sad it is to see our idol get older», «I can’t believe my eyes. Is this really him?», «He is hard to recognize», «One of the most talented and celebrated actors I have ever known».

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