“A Tale of Unlikely Friendship: Gentle Giant Great Dane Finds Joy and Playmate in New Neighbor’s Dog

The big dog couldn’t find friends before their new neighbors came 🤗🥹

This Great Dane outweighs her human by almost twenty pounds. She has a very gentle personality, but her size frightens other dogs.

And also she couldn’t play like other dogs and her options are limited in their local park.

Staci’s neighbors had a dog, that was best friends with Iris, but sadly they moved and Iris became alone.

Staci felt bad when she took Iris to the park and all dogs ignored her. It’s not because of her personality, but because of her size.

But then new neighbors came with their dog named Odie. And Iris became absolutely happy and went to introduce herself.

And they both fell in love with each other at first sight. He immediately jumped on her back and showered her with love and finally Iris found her best friend.

Odie and Iris love playing in the fields at the back of their homes and also Odie uses every chance to get out of the house and visit his best friend. Staci checked her security footage and saw Adie approaching and she understood, that he came to play with his best friend.

Now Iris is absolutely happy to have a new friend and she’s showing Staci how pleased she is.

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