Saving Lives, One Paw at a Time: Pen’s Heroic Efforts for Animals in Afghanistan

The sweet puppy inspired the man to help as many animals as possible  🤗🥹

Animals like people feel the effect of war on their lives. A man named Pen was a former soldier, who served in Afghanistan and he completely understood this.

So he considered dedicating his life to saving street animals in Afghanistan, as they have an absolutely hard life.

Before the Taliban came to power Afghanis people can have pets in their houses and they became their family members. But then they banned keeping animals in the house and the people had no choice but to abandon their pets on the streets.

And Pen met one dog in the streets of Afghanistan and from that moment he considered taking care of them.

One day he discovered a dog in an abandoned building. He was abused, his ears had been cut off and also he didn’t have a tail. Pen couldn’t believe his eyes.

Pen caught the puppy with a stash of biscuits and managed to save him from the building. And after a couple of days Pen managed to gain his trust and the puppy began following him everywhere.

Pen considered to name the puppy Nowzad after the city, where he was fighting. He thought it was a good way of appreciating the dog’s difficulties because of war and giving him a new chance for life.

Pen immediately fall in love with the puppy and considered to adopt and taking him home. Then he considered opening the Nowzad animal rescue center.

The puppy lived happily for seven years with his owner before passing away and was able to inspire his owner to rescue many more dogs over the years. So Pen considered opening the first animal rescue center in Afghanistan.

Pen and his staff have helped more than 1000 dogs and cats be saved from Afghanistan for soldiers, who saved there.

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