The kind woman dedicated her life to rescuing dogs and giving them a second chance at life

Challenging dogs will be loved and treated in a woman’s home 🐕🤗

Angela first started saving dogs at the age of 22. It became the most important mission in her life, that she dedicates a lot of time to and she loves all the animals that she meet.

But she didn’t go to the shelter to take a dog.

Instead she especially rescued such dogs, that no one wants. There were dogs with health problems and behavioral difficulties. Taking them will cost a lot of money and it will be difficult.

Despite her work with dogs with complex personalities she has a simple formula for her success. She rescues dogs with the help of respect and love. She considers the best way to help the animal is to make it trust you.

This will be sitting in silence with the dogs and also giving them food and water. No matter what she will do Angela is ready to give everything for her dogs.

Angela has rescued many dogs, but the most impressive one was when she had to drive four hours to save a dog named Freddy. When she saw Freddy she was in such an awful situation.  She was so awfully deformed, that Angela knew she had to do everything in her power to help her.

After giving her the second chance Angela was overjoyed to see her playing in her home. She adores playing, dancing and interacting with other dogs regardless of her disabilities. She has learned to love not only life, but also her new family.

Thanks to Angela’s efforts the challenging dogs get a new chance at life.

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