«Diaz’s daughter’s face is finally disclosed»: The recent paparazzi photos reveal the face of Diaz’s little daughter

Here are exclusive photos of Diaz’s daughter whom she has always kept a secret 🤗🥹

The face of the little heiress of C. Diaz has always been a secret for the fans. The star has never shown her photos and let the photographer film her. But recently, paparazzi have managed to catch her little heiress and this is what she looks like.

The beautiful family – the legendary actress, her beloved husband and the little cutie took a place in California. The photographers there didn’t miss the chance to film them on the balcony of the hotel they were staying in.

It seemed as if the movie star was completely into the family life and didn’t notice anything else. She looked like a really cool mother. By the way, it was the first time the little baby’s face was disclosed.

It is known that the star didn’t leave the house for even a minute so as to always be by her daughter’s side.

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