Transformed by Love and the Great Outdoors: PJ and Clove’s Journey to Healing and Adventure

The pair had gone through hard periods in their lives and transformed their lives together  🐶❤️👨‍🦰

A man named PJ spends his weekends in the great outdoors with his rescue puppy named Clove. Regardless of the weather they adore doing everything together.

They both have gone a very long transformation after meeting one another and they both have started a new life.

When PJ first considered taking a dog he had recovered from a very difficult time of his life. He was just released from rehab for drinking and drugs.

One day he saw Clove’s picture and learned, that she was saved by a rescue group. She was in an awful state and needed a loving owner and a comfortable home. PJ immediately liked her.

When he went to his new home he immediately met with Clove and adopted her. At first, she was shy, perplexed and confused of her new home.

And PJ allowed her as much time as she needed to get used to her new home.

When they first went to walk PJ saw, that Clove adored it and she seemed like another dog out of happiness.

So it became a true motivation for the man to explore the world with his puppy. They went on trips into the woods and up mountains.

And also the most important thing is that their trips helped them to recover. Both of them had a hard period in their lives and finding one another gave them a new chance to start new lives.

They have climbed many mountains together, such as Mount Elbert, which is the highest mountain in Colorado that a dog can stand on.

And also with the help of the puppy PJ met her love and they both continued their trips with Clove.

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