«You’re not ugly. You’re just broke!»: The archive photos of teen Kylie before plastic surgeries caused a stir

The throwback photos of Jenner where she doesn’t look like herself raise questions 🧐🤔

Still at her 23, K. Jenner has undergone a series of plastic surgeries and beauty procedures as a result of which gaining the desirable appearance she had always dreamed of. However, her archive photos have recently caused a stir.

These throwback photos were taken back in 2011 when she was still a teenager. A great number of netizens couldn’t believe their eyes and refused to accept that this is actually the same person.

«I barely recognized her!», «Always remember! You’re not ugly. You’re just broke!», «How is this the same girl? No way!», «She looks 40, to be honest».

According to the celebrity, it was because of a boy who developed complexes in her about her small lips. This is where everything started.


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