The «Hachi: A Dog’s Tale» star is not the same!: The recent paparazzi photos of aged Gere left the fans speechless

Everyone’s favorite star of «Hachi: A Dog’s Tale» has aged and is hard to recognize 😢😳

Can you imagine that our favorite star from the touching movie about the faithful dog has already turned 73? Doesn’t it sound unbelievable? Neither fans nor haters remained indifferent to the recent photos of Gere taken by paparazzi.

The former Hollywood heartthrob is now hard to recognize as he has considerably aged and lost his athletic and attractive body.

«How long did I sleep?», «I can’t believe he is already in his 70s», «The idol of my childhood is now unrecognizable».

«With gray hair and numerous wrinkles, he doesn’t look like himself!», «Time flies before our eyes», «His wife looks like his daughter next to him».

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