«The definition of the purest friendship!»: Iconic actresses Hayek and Cruz shared joint photos with the fans

Here are exclusive joint photos of Hayek and Cruz that you have never seen before 🥰🤗

Looking at these heartwarming joint photos of two friends Hayek and Cruz, one may think that the pure friendship looks like nothing, but this. In fact, they have many things in common. They both are popular and highly respected actresses.

Hayek was the first Mexican movie star to be nominated for an Oscar, and Cruz was the first Spanish star to win one. They are also considered to be the beauty icons with whom many fashion agencies only dream of collaborating.

Believe it or not, they have been close friends since 2006 after the movie «Bandidas». Recently, they together made a splash and their outfits were among the most talked about and iconic ones of the event.

This photo taken from their personal archive delighted their fans and proved what close friends they actually are. Many called this «the definition of true friendship».

Their bond is something special and never ceases to delight the followers of the charming movie stars.

At Met Gala, Hayek was in an attractive red latex dress that perfectly emphasized her figure. What concerns her friend, she came in a vintage bridal dress.

No single one could remain indifferent towards the iconic women and couldn’t stop admiring them.

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