«Major male heartthrobs then and now!»: This is how these legendary male stars have changed over time

Here are legendary male celebrities who age like wine and still win female hearts 😊🥰

It is needless to say that aging is something no one can avoid going against nature since it constitutes an integral part of our life. However, the way these major male heartthrobs have changed over time definitely exceeded their fans’ expectations.

No one would deny that none of them lost their charm and some even got hotter, more handsome and more charismatic.

T. Schweiger

G. Clooney

Z. Efron

J. Timberlake

J. Law

M. Lewis

W. Smith

N. Cage

Ch. Tatum

L. DiCaprio

D. Johnson

H. Jackman

R. Downey Jr.

K. Reeves

R. Reynolds

T. Hardy

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