«The evolution of Pretty Woman!»: Many were not ready to see how Roberts has changed in recent years

This is what everyone’s favorite actress looks like when she thinks no one is watching 🤔🧐

Everyone knows that this actress has always been strongly against surgeries, beauty procedures and heavy full makeup. Even on the set, she appears with minimal makeup that highlights her beautiful features, rather than makes her unrecognizable.

As a totally ordinary person, she often appears in public in casual clothes, with no makeup and a hairdo. This, however, doesn’t ruin her beauty in the eyes of her fans since for them she has always been number one idol.

But the paparazzi never miss the chance to film stars when they don’t expect it at all and are sure no one is watching them. This is done on purpose to captivate netizens’ attention and to show that they can also be imperfect.

Here is everyone’s favorite Roberts without any makeup and in casual clothes.

Many believed that she looked even better than many celebrities with makeup. No matter age and time, she will always remain an icon.

What is more, she is slender and looks incredibly attractive, yet she has given birth to three kids. She views her healthy diet as a key factor in maintaining her toned figure.

While there are a lot of celebrities who don’t pay attention to what and how much they eat and whether their bodies look good or not, Roberts is surely not one of them.

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