All animals deserve to have better lives. Another happy ending for the abandoned puppy 

A kind cyclist took the puppy found in the middle of the road  🐕🥹

The biker named Maire Luce Andrade Abreu discovered a leftover puppy, that was standing in the middle of the road. And the woman immediately considered taking the puppy home carrying him in her pocket as a mother kangaroo.

And the biker named the puppy Thor. She adored riding her circuits through the city, without paying attention to the weather.

The woman was riding one day with her friend, when she all of a sudden found an abandoned puppy in the middle of their road. Her friend advised to take the puppy the next day, as she didn’t have a space to carry the puppy, but she refused. She considered taking the puppy right away.

She placed the puppy in her t-shirt’s pocket and continued her way. Now the leftover puppy got a new home and also a new name. She immediately took the puppy to the vet and it turned out the puppy had perfect health.

Now Thor lives with four canine brothers in the house. Meier’s advice for people adopting animals is, that everyone must take the puppy out of love, as kids feel our love.

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