«She knows how to get attention!»: Anderson is back to her Malibu Lifeguard image and wins millions of hearts again

The attractiveness of Pamela Anderson in these photos recognizes no bounds 🥰😍

The «old, but gold» image of this legendary actress will let none of you remain indifferent and not fall madly in love with the movie star. Her debut of a swimwear line will definitely be a success.

It is worth mentioning that the original monokinis from the set are still kept in a safe at her house. «The swimsuits from the new collection certainly fit better, but it still fits me».

However surprising it may seem, there is over 30-years difference between these photos but hardly anything has changed since then. For many years, she didn’t want to launch her own bikini line so as not to sexualize her image.

Yet, everything radically changed after the release of her documentary. Now she was ready to issue her own line since she believed the public saw her from a different angle.

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