Against all odds: The heartwarming story of Tiki and her twin ponies

The strong mother horse, who adopted both of her babies

It isn’t a usual thing to see twin ponies. They are really sweet.

Horses usually have only one pony and such cases happen once in 10000 cases. So this mother mare is unique.

The mother horse named Tiki is already 16 years old and it’s quite old for a horse. Her pregnancy was very difficult as she was expecting twins. There is little percentage of mother mares carrying twins and being pregnant to term. So Tiki’s owners took her to regular ultrasounds to see the babies’ health.

Many people were curious about the process of the twins delivery.

The caring mother did everything correctly and her babies were born healthy.

The two sweet ponies were delivered in the middle of the night and the first weighed 86 pounds while the second 59 pounds. The mother horse managed to stand and walk after 10 minutes of delivering her babies.

The two ponies have the same coloring ad their mother, they were black and white.

The twins were immediately named Woodcock Pocket and Charming Opal. People were worried, that the mother might abandon one of them, as she couldn’t manage to take care of both of them. But soon she adopted both of them and showed her love towards them. She proved to be the best mother.

Just look at the adorable twins.

The mother mare needs some relax now, as she has done a lot. We wish she could enjoy her life.

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