«Like wine, she is getting even better!»: The stunning appearance of iconic singer Cher deserves special attention

Legendary Cher in leggings and a crop top shows how women over 70 should look 😳🧐

Often giving her preference to spending quality time with her family, Cher has recently made an exception and appeared in public in a simply stunning way.

Paparazzi caught her in the streets of Los Angeles in tight-fitted leggings, a crop top and a jacket. People couldn’t take their eyes of the American-Armenian beauty claiming that she retained her beauty and attractiveness.

«Stop it, please! Dress in an appropriate way!», «She is one of the legends of our time», «In one word – stunning!», «Isn’t she going to age one day?».

«The epitome of ageless beauty and femininity», «Now I understand how she still wins the hearts of men», «Does she have the same clothes as she did in her 20s?».

«Do women over 70 wear leggings?», «Too risky and revealing!».

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