This canine is known on social media for his amazing talent and wonderful works

He is a real artist!

Everything started when the owner of this cute dog put a pencil in his mouth. The smart animal was so curious about everything and it wasn’t an exception. He started painting on paper as if he were a famous artist.

Seeing it, the owner decided to let him use his talent and paint a picture for the living room.

The family was amazed by the animal’s work and they posted it on social media. A great number of people expressed their admiration for the dog’s talent and after a short time the canine became quite famous.

It was the beginning of his new career and later many other pictures have been painted by him.

The cutie paints whenever he wants. His parents never force him to do it against his will.

At first he uses gigantic brushes, then completes his work with small ones. After all, he does what true artists do: he prints his paw on each work.

The dog has a favourite brush which he uses during all his works. He keep it in his mouth till the end of the work. The canine doesn’t have any favourite colour, but mostly he paints with black, brown and grey according to his own fur.

The owners are very proud of their amazing pet, because he made their family famous throughout the world.

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