No one knew how long the brave kitten stayed with the newborn, but one thing was clear: he survived

A compassionate cat’s brave act saved a life!

We have heard a lot of exciting stories about animals’ brave actions which saved lives.

Our today’s hero, a cute and loving cat named Masha, became a real hero after saving the life of a newborn baby.

The cutie was the neighbours’ favourite and always got food and drink from them. Even she was welcomed by them into their houses in cold weather.

Irna Lavora is one of the kindhearted neighbours who fed her and gave her a warm place while raining or snowing.

One day the woman heard a strange voice in the yard. It was Masha’s meowing. She hurried to see what happened and in a few minutes she found the catty next to a box. The woman approached it and discovered a baby in it completely helpless and defenceless.

Irna called the police and when they arrived, they found out that the baby was about three months old and that the catty stayed by his side for some time in order to protect him from cold and danger. Thanks to her, the child stayed alive.

Masha was worried about the baby’s condition and when the ambulance arrived, she followed all the medical process attentively.

Now the child is healthy and the police is looking for his parents. As for the cat, she was adopted by a loving family and enjoys a happy life in her new home.

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