«Among the world’s most beautiful children»: How the lives of the prettiest young models have changed since they first gained fame

Here are the girls who once were listed among the world’s most beautiful children

These absolutely unique little girls conquered the world of modeling and advertisement with their unearthly beauty and charm. They hit our screens taking part in various TV shows and often appearing on the cover of major magazines.

However, as they have already grown up, some of them decided to specialize in modeling and the others chose another path.

For those you still don’t know, this is Tilane Blondeau who has been engaged in the sphere of modeling since she was only four.

This photo immediately won millions of hearts appearing in a number of famous magazines and even drawing the world’s most renowned fashion designers’ attention. She is currently 19 and is still engaged in modeling.

Meet Nastya Knyazeva, an absolutely adorable actress whose drizzling career in modeling began at the age of four.

Later, Nastya became a TV host and already won TEFI Kids Award being still nine.

Here is Anna Pawaga, a charming actress, whose first photo shoot was at the age of 2 organized by her family.

Her incredible beauty let no one remain indifferent and one agency soon rushed to contacted her mother offering her to pursue a modeling career. She was lucky to collaborate with major brands, appearing in musical videos and acting in films.

Anna is still regarded one of the world’s 50 most beautiful children.

Here is Kristina Pimenova, a talented Russian actress who made her debut in modeling career at the age of four as well.

Kristina has worked with several world-class businesses and even appeared in Vogue magazine gaining fame and overall-recognition. Now, 2 million people are following her on Instagram.

Ira Brown

Already at the age of two, her name became famous throughout the world. According to many, she looked incredibly like a Barbie doll.

However, some were convinced that Ira’s photos were retouched and her parents dyed her hair so as to give her more charm.


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