All the friends came to attend the dog’s birthday party. Everyone was so pleased!

The cute dog celebrated her first birthday!

There are some owners that adore their pets and appreciate their role in their lives. They are ready to do everything for their animals in order to make them happy and satisfied.

Ema is such a loving owner, who organised a wonderful birthday party for her dog Marvy and invited her closest friends to participate in the occasion.

Because the woman has a number of pets, they all gathered to be with Marvy and make her day unforgettable.

The owner prepared many nice presents for her. The most interesting one was a hilarious pizza toy. Then followed a delicious meal. All the pets sat around the table and enjoyed the party.

The smart animals didn’t begin to eat until Marvy joined them, as if they understood that she was the head of the party.

After having a nice meal, the inseparable friends went for a walk.

Having such a devoted owner and wonderful companion is the most important thing in the world. So Marvy is lucky enough to be surrounded by such amazing creatures.

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