A man was able to earn cheetahs’ trust and they adopted him into their group

Meaningful relationships between a photographer and a cheetah

The photographer considered to leave the city and move to the woods to capture photos and het some perspective. Sam became a volunteer, who worked in a reserve. It is a nonprofit organisation devoted to wildlife preservation.

And our hero’s life changed a lot. He was upset after losing his beloved dog and didn’t know what to do.

So he considered to devote his life to promoting animal rights and showing people many animals. He gave all his savings and vacation to help others. The most amazing and endangered cat family members are cheetahs.

A really hard work is needed to het someone’s trust. Sam showed a lot of love and cheetahs accepted him into their family. He considered to hide from the heat under the tree.

And at that time a cheetah named Edna saw the man and went over to him. He sniffed the man and went to hug him. He opened his eyes and was amazed. So this story showed how a man and a cheetah came to have a sweet relationships.

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