People are amazed to see a man swimming with a dog, but the reason is much more surprising

What a great way to keep a dog healthy!

When the picture of a man swimming with his dog was shared on social media, it went viral and amazed the whole world. People wanted to know the reason, but one thing was clear: they were strongly connected to each other.

The picture was taken by the friend of John Unger, the owner of the nice dog. Because the canine was already 19 years old, he had some illnesses, so the vet suggested the man to unwind him as much as possible.

John found that the best method was swimming in the warm water. And he was right, because after it the dog felt better and calmer.

For him such reaction from the audience was abnormal, because this kind of therapy helps animals be healthy and strong, so the owners must do such things frequently.

The dog is his inseparable part since the age of eight months. The man saved him from the street, when his previous owners had abandoned him. The dog had lost trust in humans, so the man needed a year to win his heart and make him more confident.

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