«You can’t look at her without tears»: Fashion designer Donatella Versace’s recent appearance in mini has long been discussed

Fashion critics couldn’t remain indifferent towards 67-year-old Versace’s look in mini

World-class and influential fashion designer 67-year-old Donatella Versace’s scandalous appearance often causes a stir. Neither fashion critics, nor her fans could stay indifferent towards her latest look in mini perfectly emphasizing her slender legs.

A great number of netizens rushed to leave comments on the well-known fashion designer’s appearance. «Why ruin such an unearthly beauty?», «It is illegal to have such slender legs at 67», «You can’t look at her without tears».

«She looks unhealthily skinny», «Stop criticizing her! She is the greatest talent of our time», «Definitely not her style», «Why so many plastic surgeries?».

«It’s surely too much», «She is the true icon of the fashion world».

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