The old dog attended the wedding of his beloved owner and then said goodbye to everyone

The most touching story you’ve ever heard!

14 years ago Anne O’Connell found a stray puppy and brought him home. She named him Cherry and provided him with the life he deserved. Although they didn’t mind to keep a dog, they couldn’t leave him helpless.

14 years later, a week before Anne’s wedding, Cherry’s condition took a turn for the worse, so everyone thought he couldn’t attend the ceremony. But the brave boy wanted to see his beloved person happy for the last time, and he gathered his final strength and came to the wedding.

He came there on his own feet, but was unable to come back and returned home in the arms of Anne’s sister. All the guests were crying the moment Anne was kissing and hugging her beloved pet as if she was saying goodbye to him.

A week after the wedding, Cherry passed away, leaving behind only good memories. The family will never forget their adorable dog.

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