A sweet dog, who took on the duties of a traffic enforcer

An adorable puppy, who thanks people for taking care of him

Animals never stop to surprise us. Do you consider you have seen everything? This story provides a new surprise for you. This story is about a sweet puppy, who may have worked as a traffic enforcer in a prior life.

He lives in Turkey is named Kuppata and is a very popular dog in the country. Kuppata assists children cross the street every day. And these adorable photos are captured by a young man named Bekka in Antalya.

Children wait for the cars to stop in order they may safely cross the street. Then an unknown puppy appears out of nowhere and helps the courageous children assistance in finishing their hard task.

And it became known, that Kuppata does this every day! The puppy became a real traffic enforcer. At first he was just a homeless puppy, but then people started to look after him.

And for this kind deed, the dog seems to thank them in such a cute way. Such a thing won’t be seen every day. He is a very brave dog.

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