A caring pilot, who takes pleasure from his work of helping animals

A kind man, who considered to help animals after his retirement 

This man worked in the military for 41 years. And after retirement he devoted his life to helping homeless animals. He takes animals saved from the streets or uncaring owners to their new homes in different cities.

And from the year he started helping animals he has moved almost 365 canines. And the organisation, for which the pilot works usually provides him with passengers.

Most of the time he takes the pets from one airport to the next and gives them to other pilots. He usually works this way.

But from time to time he delivers animals to their new owners. And he takes pleasure from his work. The pilot told, that he takes them to their new owners and sends his best wishes to them.

And when the man brings their new pets, many people are very grateful and praise him for his assistance. He never declines gifts because of respect for them. He gives them to charities in order they can cover medical costs.

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