The woman was excited to find their dog in front of the door waiting for her daddy to return

What a devoted and loving pet!

Meet Leia, the most loving and affectionate pet, who adores all her family members, but her bond with the father is stronger. They enjoy to spend much time together and doesn’t imagine their lives separately.

But one day her father was informed that he had a cancer, so he had to stay at the hospital to get treatment for some time.

The man’s absence was very stressful for the poor canine and he felt so upset all the time. He didn’t want to do anything besides sitting in front of the door and waiting for her owner’s arrival.

Once when the mother returned home from the hospital, she found the dog at the door and was deeply touched by the scene.

Fortunately, the man’s condition became better and he came back home. No one could describe the feelings and emotions that the devoted pet had at that time. He welcomed her beloved owner with happiness.

Finally, these two were reunited again and continued to have enjoyable moments together. They are so happy to have each other.

Leia is very cute and loving. She is deeply devoted to her father and can’t imagine her life without him.

Having such a loyal pet at home is the most pleasant thing in the world.

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