The woman trained her dog to work in the lab, and now he is her permanent assistant

Here is the cutest lab worker!

Meet Effie, a smart and helpful dog, who assists his human mother in every situation and this one is no exception. The cutie was taught to work in a lab where his owner works as a neurologist.

Effie is so useful for his mother and he does his best to make her work easier. When Joley forgets something important to do, her dog is always ready to remind her. When she gets tired, Effie works instead of her.

Joley is sure that allowing the dog to come in and work there is beneficial, and many students will visit the lab more frequently.

But the woman must follow all the rules and keep her pet clean. The animal must dress like a human, and if necessary, he must wear glasses. Although it is a bit challenging, Joley does her task perfectly.

She decided to bring her pet to work with her, because the poor dog spent all day lying on the ground and waiting for her. He refused to eat anything until his owner returned home.

Now they two are satisfied and happy to spend all day together.

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