A very brave dog, who protected her little owner from an attack

A touching story of a puppy, who got many wounds from the fight 

Dogs are not only our best friends, but also defenders. Our pets have eagerly jumped to their owners’ help bravely in different situations. And this small puppy puts her life at risk to protect her little owner’s life from an awful coyote attack.

The awful attack was captured on a video. The loving dog was friendly and loving with all the family members, especially with the little girl. And the little girl felt protected with the adorable puppy.

And one day when they were walking in the neighbourhood, a coyote followed them. And a girl became very frightened and let go of her puppy’s leash and ran. And the little puppy began protecting her little owner courageously instead of following her little owner. A big coyote and a small puppy started a real fight.

The dog was extremely hurt, but she was able to win the fight. It was vital for the small puppy, that her owner was secure. The puppy was taken to the hospital by her owner, who was perplexed by the dog’s condition.

And it became clear, that she needed a surgery. People were so touched by this story, that they collected 25000$ to charity. And the hospital staff assures, that the puppy will soon recover and reunite with her family.

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