A grateful kangaroo, who visits her rescuer every day

A very friendly kangaroo, who became everyone’s favourite 

Do animals living in the wild feel love? And how do they prove it?

The kangaroo has been visiting her rescuer for many years just to hug and be grateful to her foster mother. A little Australian girl discovered a kangaroo, that was leftover.

The animal’s body was covered in many wounds. It is unknown what the child went through before being discovered by her rescuer, who helped her in recovering and also surviving the death of her family.

The kangaroo easily got used to a wilderness area. The kangaroo has lived on the reserve for 12 years and she visits her foster mother every day and gives her a hug. Only few people can say, that they have as many different emotions as a kangaroo.

This story became popular and touched many people’s hearts. Although the kangaroo is no longer a baby she is very kind and always helps others and she is very friendly to people, especially her rescuer, whom she visits every morning.

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