«Fashion has a tendency to come back»: Victoria Beckham, Blumarine and KNWL are highly inspired by the dresses of the 2000s

The dusty pink floral dress Bradshaw wore in the 2000s is again in high fashion

Nostalgia hits differently when we recall the 1990s or 2000s when a flood of fashion trends started to dominate the fashion platform starting from ugg boots, corset tops and velour sneakers.

For example, it is relevant to mention that an evening dress from the early 2000s will again be in fashion for this New Year’s celebration. The asymmetrical dress which was wore then will hit the fashion world and look more elegant than ever.

It is worth mentioning that fashion designer Victoria Beckham, KNWL and Blumarine are highly inspired by the collections of dresses from the 2000s when more neutral and pastel colors such as dusty pink and blue were widely used for fabric.

These asymmetrical dresses in a minimalistic style were normally worn without massive jewelry and luxurious shoes.

These ruffles are pleated strips of fabric, pace or sewn on the edge and those flounces are reshaped in a curved pattern becoming shorter at the top and larger at the bottom.

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